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Spring is in the air and also the club AGM, March 2017

Spring is in the air. It’s Sunday 12th March 2017.

A leisurely club walk around produced some great images. The colour blue is creeping back into the sky. A whole new sailing season is now just ahead of us!

Members please note: the 2017 AGM will take place 26th March – 10:30am at Wyre Villa Football Club – Stalmine. Annual subscriptions are due 1st April. They can be paid at the AGM. Let’s all get together and talk about another great year to be had, sailing in and around Morecambe Bay.

Looking to the south.
Looking to the east.
Today there was a nine metre tide at around 11.30am.
Dirty boat 2016
Dirty boat 2016
Clean boat 2017
Thunderball Heavy Weather
Let’s get out there in 2017!

Club Security – Meeting 5th December 2015

A number of club members expressed concerns about security at this year’s AGM.  It has proved difficult to get together a group to investigate matters further, so interested members are encouraged to attend a meeting at the Club on Saturday 5th December at 10:30.

This is your chance to help decide how the club should make improvements in this area, please come if you can.