Trip Advisor Review for the Crew at Piel Island.

I submitted a review on Trip Advisor for the ‘Crew’ on Piel Island. (From me personally) Wonder if it gets accepted? In any case, it’s from the heart: –

My friends and I like to sail over to Piel Island from the Lancashire coast. We navigate over Morecambe Bay on our little sailboats. We typically catch the ebbing tide out of the river Wyre, There’s always a good south westerly wind  that has our boats creaming over the waves. They do get a bit choppy at times given the big tides, the shallow waters, and sandbanks galore. The big castle is the main navigation aid on the approaches and can be seen along way out to sea. Once in the shelter of the Barrow channel it all goes calm. Seals usually come to greet you. When they get to know your boat they come quite close and show off a bit. Once around the bend in the channel I look for the ‘Union Jack’ flag flying just outside of the Ship Inn. This is a sure sign the pub’s open. I really look forward to my first pint served by King Steven, Sheila and the Crew. If they recognize your sail on the approaches they will get your pint ready and waiting. There is always a great mix of sailors, fishermen, canoeists, powerboaters, campers and day-trippers in the bar. The food and ambiance in the pub is great. Sailors preferring to anchor in ‘Bass Pool’,  opposite Lighthouse Bay on the south side, get the most scenic views. It can be very dark on a moonless night. You must be careful returning to your boat not to trip over tents and couples sleeping under the stars on the fore shore. The pub closes late, so it’s dark even in high summer when time is called by the bell and we all pile out. All in all, the island mixes romance, adventure, and a great night out in a pub.  A walk around the island leaves a lasting impression – it’s an artists paradise. And by-the-way, day trippers and campers can get there on a little ferry boat from a jetty on Roe Island, which is accessible by road. Pay a visit, we might see you there – Bon voyage!

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