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Club Security – Meeting 5th December 2015

A number of club members expressed concerns about security at this year’s AGM.  It has proved difficult to get together a group to investigate matters further, so interested members are encouraged to attend a meeting at the Club on Saturday 5th December at 10:30.

This is your chance to help decide how the club should make improvements in this area, please come if you can.



Work Party – Saturday 8th August

Lots of jobs completed in spite of a disappointing turnout!

THANK YOU to those members who turned up for the work party on August 8th.  In spite of low numbers, the yard looks much tidier, thanks to the hard work of the members who helped:

Richard Anthony, Jack Tomlinson, Roger Walkington, Neil MacSween, Sandra Jepson (and Caitlin),  Mike Smith, Dave Emmess. Tom Bradley, Bill Blenkinship, Pablo Barrs, John Bacon, John Gorse, Vic Matthews and Linda Matthews.

Well done and if your name isn’t here there will be plenty of jobs for next time.