Location and Sailing Directions

Club Location: 53° 52.42 N     002° 57.55 W

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With a suitable height of tide, the River Wyre can be navigated by most yachts from its mouth at Fleetwood south to the club which is situated on the east bank about 4NM upstream.  Further navigation is possible  past the Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club on the west bank as far as the Shard Bridge, about 1NM from Wardleys. The Shard bridge prohibits further navigation to all but the smallest craft.

Yachtsmen are advised to contact a Club Officer before making a first passage up the River Wyre, as depths change and local knowledge is vital.

Entrance to Wardleys Creek is made keeping two posts topped with white crosses in transit.  The lower marker is at the top of the club slip and the upper close to the northern end of the clubhouse.

The Club keeps an occasional listening watch on VHF Channel M1.

Address and Postcode (for car satnav users)

Kiln Lane,