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Events organised by WMYC or of interest to Members

Laying-up supper Sat 17th November 2018

Its free of charge and starts at 6pm. Must put your name down at the club – space is limited.  Bring your own Gin & Tonic and quality wines. (beer/fruity or otherwise cider if you must – Darren), or what ever takes your fancy.

Here’s a short video to remind you of the great 2018 season we’ve had with loads of excellent sailing. God bless you all!

With a special thanks to the Piel Island Crew: Tony, Ash and Alan, who helped ‘Jamila’ out with a diesel filter problem on a lovely sunny morning at Piel Island.

Crane-In Wednesday 26th April 2017

Crane-In dates rely on the combination of spring tides and good weather.

The crane is planned for 26th April, so let’s hope for good weather and low winds.  Crane-In must start 9.00am.  Members involved need to be on site early!

The craning plan is on the Clubhouse notice board – if your details are incorrect or missing, please contact a Committee Member as soon as possible.