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Commodore’s Statement 16th May 2020

Dear Member

I hope all members and their respective families are all well and that no one has been directly impacted by this deadly disease. Our thoughts are with all those who have been less fortunate.

Whilst the fight against the Covid-19 virus continues the UK Government has started to ease some of the lock down restrictions and in England at least this means we can take the first steps towards getting our club back open. During the lockdown period club officers and committee members of WMYC have been in active discussion with the RYA, MCA and other interested organisations to better understand and take on board the various messages and sometimes conflicting information presented by the UK Government.

Today WMYC held its first on-line committee meeting to discuss what steps the club should take to get the site up and running. The good news is that the club site will be open from 9am Monday 18th May, all be it in a limited capacity. The club house will remain closed but members will be able to access the site to work on their boats and in line with Government advice go sailing for exercise purposes. There is an accompanying document being produced by the Hon Sec Andy Sargent outlining how members will be asked to conduct themselves whilst on site, the success of which will determine how quickly we can move to the next stage.

Please stay alert, be respectful of other members and maintain social distancing at all times.

Lastly, if you choose to go on the water please bear in mind that the RNLI and MCA teams are running on reduced numbers and that any incident they attend puts their teams at risk, please be extra vigilant if venturing out.

I look forward to seeing you all in better times, under better circumstances.

Steve Adams
Commodore WMYC

Wardley’s Covide 19 Update, as of 16th May 2020

An amazing seven out of eight committee members took part in a marathon three hour SKYPE meeting this morning. The full details of the meeting will be forthcoming as soon as the Hon Secretary is able to scour his notes and little grey cells to render his usual top notch Minutes of the Meeting. The finer details will be on the members only area very SOON. Please contact the secretary if you’ve lost your credentials.

A fair summary would be to say that key decisions accord well with Boris’ team speech last weekend, but all together with greater clarity–not that difficult you might add! The TOTAL lock-down shall be lifted, our brilliant club members ARE to be trusted to use their common sense, BUT communal areas within the club will remain closed. Needless to say, the committee worked hard to find the best compromise between the dire communal safety concerns facing us during these difficult times, and maintaining our right to pursue our all consuming passion for the sea.

YES! WE can go sailing again, but as long as members comply with the two meter rule (6’7”), and above all NOT congregate in three and greater groups in the Yard. Members will be pleased to hear that our trusty club work boat will be put back in action as our special helper out on the river.

The revised crane in date is planned for the spring tides on the 5th June.

I would like to add a special thanks to our Commodore Steve Adams and our Hon Secretary Andy Sargent who have put in a massive amount of effort sat at the HELM of our club, and so sailing us into calmer waters.

Our aim is to ensure that we are supporting the fantastic work of our NHS does not go to waste, and to show solidarity to the good people of the Parish of Hambleton who are also keen to do their best for the country at this difficult time.

Much loved members cross the bar…

This year has been a particularly difficult year for WMYC,  since we have sadly lost two stalwarts who have put a lot into the running of the club, and indeed, who were both hard working committee-members at the beginning of this season.

Here are a few words I’ve put together: –

Both Pablo Bars and Bob Hoath have recently sailed away from us

No doubt they have arrived at a better and ever eternal landing ground,

Of sparkling waters, sun kissed beaches and rich muddy Morecambe-Bay-esque estuaries,

And where billowing white sail cloth hoisted aloft traverse blue skies, by long summer days,

And where harbour side inns filled with good company that beckon,  by short summer nights,

God bless them both, and those of their families left in their wake.

The following is a set of happy images celebrating our dearly departed Bob on his last sail to Piel 2019: –

Bob Hoath sailing past the tip of Walney Island in May 2019. The seal colony is not far up the beach to the left.
The same photo as above but this time with a club member and some of the top sides of the seaworthy and roomy ‘Janvier Six’ Westerly Centaur.
An all time classic WMYC photo with a WMYC member hook in hand on the bows. Bob  in the cockpit navigating ‘Janvier Six’ safely in to Piel harbour.


It wasn’t all plain sailing, with Bob in the middle of the trio. Steadfast at the helm, he had to contend with fast moving wind farm support vessel comings and goings. The sail of  Wardley’s boat ‘Sika’ can be seen bringing up the rear.


With ‘Black Combe’ the western most hill of the Lake District rising high above the town of Barrow, Bob looks out for a mooring close to the Ship Inn.  The Black Combe, correct me if I’m wrong, features in the lyrics of Bob’s, ‘Wardleys Sailor’s ballad.
The same photo as above, but zoomed out a little. The crew have been well briefed and know what to do. Buoys can be seen ahead and to port can be seen the long Piel Island jetty that drops down thirty six feet to cope with all states of the tide.
Bob in the Ship Inn surround by friends.


Bob looks up at the photographer. I leave the reader of this blog to fill in the caption of what was said :).
Bob in front the the WMYC club house on St. Georges day.


Pablo in the Ship Inn.

This Photo of Pablo took a while coming. Here is one taken in the Ship Inn during the club’s 25th-anniversary raid to Piel Island. A large squadron of Wardley’s boats sailed over in-company. It was quite a hairy ride at times. It got very wind-over-tide whilst crossing Mort Bank. Quite a few members with normally sturdy sea legs reported feeling queasy on that tumultuous crossing.

Again, another of Pablo taken on the same raid to Piel Island. Here he was in deep conversation with persons unseen, banging the world to rights about some topic.

And behind a rather nice motorboat complete with with a fly bridge–very nice! And further beyond lies the spit of land called Foulney Island, and in the far distance stand the two Heysham nuclear power stations.