Fees and Charges


Fees Payable 2014

WMYC Joining Fee                  £75.00

Annual Charges

Membership Subscription  £45.00
Payment is due on 1st April and any members failing to pay by 30th June will incur a £75.00 rejoining fee.

Berths and Moorings
(all charges are annual unless otherwise stated)

River Mooring                             £110.00
Jetty in Creek                              £200.00
Mud Berth                                        £90.00
Mediterranean type mooring  £0.17 per ft. per  week

Dry Storage

Tender up to 10 ft.: 1 free per member
Additional tender:                          £40.00
Trailer                                                    £40.00
Cradle storage                                  £25.00
Small boats over 10 ft.                   £0.23 per ft. per week
Winter lay-up  (on hard)               £0.23p  per ft. per  wk.
Long term  storage                           £0.50p  per  ft. per  wk.

Slipway use – Available to Berth holders without charge

Scrubbing Post:   Free for first 72 hrs then £10 per 24 hrs.
(by arrangement with the Ships Husband)

Boat craneage:    

Charge will be dependent on the cost of the crane hire and the number of  vessels to be lifted.