The main mast from Nigel's vessel took some time to remove - it was the first time the vessel had been moved for some time.  After an interesting passage down the Creek, mudberth number 1 was used for this operation.  We look forward to seeing the results of David Moss's work on the mast next season!

Crane In – Sat 18th April

Crane in dates rely on the combination of spring tides and good weather – there are a series of possible days starting on Saturday 18th April through to Tuesday 21st April.

The crane is booked for Saturday 18th April, so let’s hope for good weather and low winds.  HW 11:23 BST, 9.7m.  Members involved need to be on site early!

The craning plan is on the Clubhouse notice board – if your details are incorrect or missing, please contact a Committee Member as soon as possible.