NEW March 2022: A visit to Heysham Village

One of the pretty, and dare I say, cute places to visit around the UK coast, is Heysham Village. It is situated right at the far southern tip of the Morecambe Promenade. The broad walk of the promenade, roughly the width of a three-lane highway, runs a massive six miles before petering out at this little village location. There isn’t really much to the ancient village, which dates from the Roman time. It is mainly based around a single main road bordered with an aesthetically pleasing mixture of stone cottages and more substantial villa type houses, with a lovely pub that has encroached onto its adjoining stable building, an ancient church with magnificent views over Morecambe Bay, and where the single road eventually and rather pleasingly becomes a slipway into the sea, or on to the sand, depending on which state of the tide.

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View towards the Village and Trobshore Point to the right.

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