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Committee Meeting Minutes 16th August 2014

Unadopted Minutes of Committee Meeting 16th August 2014

Apologies: Simon Browning, Sandra Jepson

Minutes of Previous Meeting
Proposed Mike Burke and seconded Pablo Barrs that they be accepted as a true record with the agreement that Brian had mentioned that he and Peter Mosley would like to do a mini audit. Linda had omitted to record the request. 

Matters arising
There is still no communication from Santander regarding our intention to change banks. All the summer bills have been paid with the exception of one. There are exceptional circumstances why this bill has not been paid. It will be, as soon as circumstances allow. We have been unable to locate any road planings at an acceptable price.

Finance report
Mike B gave details of the bank account.  He will email them again re the bank changeover.

Fixed for 8th October with 9th and 10th as back up.  Brian will contact the crane driver.

 Ships Husband Report
There had been an issue over a mud berth but it has been resolved. The tractor is now fixed and ready for use. We will write to a member to ask him to cut off the protruding timber which is stopping us from allocating a mud berth to someone on the waiting list or to put his own boat in there.

 Project Report
Weather permitting, Roger will finish the tractor store roof. He will need some timber for a frame for the new door.

The new chain mooring which had been positioned at Knott End is missing at the moment. Attempts will be made to locate it when the weather and tides are right.

There was a letter from Roger about the unauthorised ‘borrowing’ of one the panels he was working with causing him a great deal of inconvenience and one from John Bradbury, (coastguard) advising us of his concerns that three club members were out in the workboat and were not wearing lifejackets.

We are going to accept his offer of lifebelts to keep on the boat and we will put up more posters reminding members that lifejackets MUST be worn on the workboat. A new noticehas been ordered which will stay on the workboat.

Mike Smith left the meeting at this point to organise the members who had turned up for the work party. 

There are two applications on the board which subject to there being no objections will be approved once the four weeks have passed.

 Day Book
There was only one entry from Norman who had arrived at high tide and found dinghies on the move! He had made them safe. Thanks Norman.

 Fun Day/Regatta
Cancelled until further notice owing to uncertain weather conditions.

27th September @ 10.00am

We need a new microwave and an optical smoke alarm. All agreed that we go ahead and buy them.

Working Party – Saturday 16th August 2014

A work party took place on Saturday 16th August, starting at 10:30.

Many thanks to all who took part:

First, John Bacon because he was missed off the first version of this list – sorry John – and Bill Halliwell, Kevin Longworth, Brian and Katrina Rees, John Frubin, Mike and Rob Burke, Bob Andrews, Jack Tomlinson, ( who unfortunately hurt his foot and had a trip to A & E but he’s on the mend now), Norman Ingham, Mike Smith, Tom Bradley, Barry Williams, John English, Pablo Barrs, Vic and Linda Matthews, Pete Bresnahan, Alan Hughes, Roger Walkington, Peter Mosley, Bill Blenkinship, Erika Shacklady, Mike Morris and last but not least Dave Emmess.

A good turnout. Thank you everybody – if you couldn’t make it, don’t worry there will be another chance!

Work carried out included:

  • Painting of container doors
  • Painting of ‘A’ Frame
  • Scrubbing of Tide Gauges
  • Laying  cable (if trench dug by mini-digger in advance)
  • Grass Cutting
  • Strimming of undergrowth
  • Pressure Washing of Guttering on Clubhouse, prior to painting


Sail to Piel – 9th August

Let’s face it, the forecast wasn’t exactly brilliant.  Tropical storm Bertha was still blowing hard and possibly coming our way – but neither the met office nor any of the other weather sites seemed to know exactly which way the storm would go.

Thanks to the skippers of Kirsti, Moonshine, Raven, Rivendell,  Sika, Weaverbird and Alcudia (that’ll be me) who all showed some enthusiasm for the trip.

On Saturday morning we agreed that staying over at Piel for the night was not an option, but an out-and-back in a day looked possible. Eventually just two boats set out around HW – Moonshine and Alcudia – and hoisted well-reefed sails for the initial leg to Fleetwood.  The rain stopped almost as we left Wardleys, and we enjoyed an exhilarating sail, wondering what the sea state be like in open water.

Beyond the Lifeboat Station we soon found out, and with some wind over tide effects, let’s say it was quite lumpy.  No doubt it would have been  better further out, but we decided to have an easy day, and decided to turn around after watching the lifeboat towing a rudderless yacht in from the Wyre Light.

Moonshine & Alcudia near the Tiger's Tail
Moonshine & Alcudia near the Tiger’s Tail

We anchored on sand just south of the marina channel, dried out and had a relaxing afternoon wandering around the nearby wrecks and doing a few odd jobs.  What a good spot for a club BBQ!

As the flood tide lifted us from the bottom, we were swung around and waited around 20 minutes before our keels escaped from the holes scoured on the ebb, wondering which way we would be set and if there was any risk of Moonshine and Alcudia ‘coming together’.  All was well,  and  with the wind dropping as the sun set,  we motored back to Wardleys on the last of the flood tide.

We’d had a good day.  Why not give it a try before too long?